Technyflex – HA Canine 60 x 500mg capsules


Technyflex® HA Canine contains the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel you know and trust from original Technyflex® Canine, plus the added benefit of Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is manufactured in the body and is present in all types of connective tissues and organs.  The highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid are found in synovial fluid.

What is synovial fluid?  It is the gummy fluid found in healthy joints that keeps the joints moving smoothly and pain-free.  Hyaluronic acid is the major component of synovial fluid and is crucial to maintaining its viscosity and preventing fluid loss from the articular cavity. Unfortunately, as your dog ages, or, if he or she has joint damage or joint disease like arthritis, the synovial fluid in the joints will decrease.  This results in bone moving on bone within the joint which is very painful and can cause mobility issues.

In fact, 20% of dogs over the age of 1 experience some type of arthritis or joint issue, while 90% of senior dogs have arthritis.  Large breeds, working dogs, and dogs that compete in agility or field trials can develop joint issues sooner.  The most common places for dogs to experience arthritis-related pain and stiffness are in their hips, knees, lower back, and wrists.

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